Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makeover Tips from Bradley Bayou

Via The Glamazons

Thursday, May 20, QVC is teaming up with some of their amazing talent in-house to make over REAL woman live!

...Bradley Bayou gave us an interview and here's what he had to say:

Glamazons: What is the goal of a makeover in Bradley’s words and why and how women should refresh their look?

Bradley: The point of a makeover is to take a moment and honestly access your body type, make notes on how you should dress to balance your shape so that you accentuate your accesses and hide your flaws. The goal is to leave someone with confidence in how to dress to look their best and to up date their style, which will make them feel better about themselves and hopefully that will positively effect they way they interact with the world.

Why?: To stay current, current with the trends and in touch with your body shape and how clothing works on you.

How?: Use pieces, maybe even garments already in your closet, that reflect the trends. Everyone should give themselves a little mini make-overs periodically by checking in with how they use the clothing in their closet. Sometimes you can get in to a routine and wear the same things over and over again, it is important to reorganize every now and then to make sure you are utilizing all the garments in your closet and all your closet space efficiently.

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