Thursday, June 10, 2010

TheramaFreeze Blows in out on QVC

Via Joe Noel

Over the weekend, ThermaFreeze Products Corporation’s ice substitute packs appeared on the popular shopping channel QVC over the weekend. The entire stock sold out and a matter of a few minutes. This accounted for approximately 1,500 units priced at approximately (including shipping and handling) $24.00 each. An additional 1,000 were logged into backorder. Typically, QVC quotes its customers four to six weeks to receive any backlogged item. In this case, however, the QVC people were highly impressed that the ThermaFreeze management team indicated the entire backlog could be filled within 48 hours. This is because all manufacturing for ThermaFreeze is done in the United States with ample inventory currently available and very fast product production lead times. Management is already in discussions with the QVC team to once again present this hot product to the QVC customer base.

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