Thursday, June 17, 2010

HSN Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Talks Jewelry Trends

Via Hollywood Life

From wooden bangles, long pendants, and gorgeous cocktail rings, the Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie collection has been spotted on a slew of starlets like Michelle Tractenberg and Emmy Rossum. Considering Carol Brodie is no stranger to celeb style, I’m not surprised! As the Director of Communications for Harry Winston for 10 years, she put together some of the most iconic looks on our fave A-listers, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s bejeweled style when she won Best Actress in ‘99 and Halle Berry’s Best Actress custom-designed look in 2001. Now, the jewelry guru has changed gears with her very chic and affordable collection for HSN, Rarities, Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie. We got to chat with the jewelry guru, who filled us in on all the hottest trends this season! Luckily, the line is filled with something for everyone and starts at just $59 — I don’t know about you, but I won’t turn down advice from someone who put together a winning look on Gwyn! Find out what she had to say and tune in to her universality show on HSN on Jun. 19 if you want to scoop up something special!

What piece of jewelry is so hot for summer?
“Lots of talismans and pendants like my evil eye and Buddha necklaces and stars, moons, etc. the kind that goes from the beach to the BBQ and keeps everybody’s eyes on YOU! You cannot wear enough Indian jewelry or stacks of beaded bracelets and bangles this summer. Gypsy earrings are so sexy when shoulders are bare and glistening. I love organic jewelry made of natural elements like wood; agate; drusy; mother of pearl, coral and turquoise as I tend to wear more opaque gems in summer and leave my sparkling jewels for cooler months and paler skin.”

If you’re going out at night, what pieces/jewelry items would you recommend if you want to get glam on a budget and create a whole look?
“I would spend my whole budget on a great pair of dangling sexy earrings. My collection is full of the best earrings for evening glamour and excitement. They transform your whole look and complete any outfit!! If you blew your budget on the earrings, borrow a cocktail ring from grandma or your mom – the older and bigger the more unique and fun!”

Celebs manage to make piling on jewelry look so effortless regardless of where they’re going, what’s the secret behind a totally put together look?
“A great stylist usually pulls celeb looks together… The secret is layering and keeping the motif’s similar. Buy some great long chains this season and wrap them around your neck (a 72 inch length is perfect). The more delicate the chain and the more you wrap it the better it will look. Put a single pendant in the hollow of your neck for one pop of color or brilliance and wrap away for a chic effortless star styled look.”

What can we expect for fall and winter?
“Fall and winter will be a huge myriad of amazing pieces inspired by Catherine the Great; byzantine styling and new cuts and colors of unique gemstones. Lots of rose gold and a ton of surprises!!!”

Should someone wear jewelry to the beach? If so, how?
“I have personally never been a big fan of BEACH BLING; unless it is a necklace that you never take off… But, you can absolutely wear your jewelry to the beach, but if you plan on taking a swim, take off your jewels… even your necklace… there is no way to find a lost piece on the bottom of the ocean.”

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