Thursday, June 10, 2010

Australia's Home Shopping Boom


CELEBRITY endorsement and top end brands are driving a boom in TV home shopping with some Australians spending up to $30,000 in a single call from the couch.

While many of us think of home shopping as extra steak knives and cut-price gym equipment, celebrities like Rachel Zoe, Jessica Simpson, Paula Abdul and Kate Hudson are putting their names to perfumes, jewellery and fashion all sold on the box.

In the US, home shopping is a $10 billion industry and business for Australia's only 24-hour home shopping network has jumped 20 per cent each year for the past four years.

TVSN General Manager Dionne Sinay said a celebrity endorsing the product directly to the camera was a powerful selling point and this was home shopping’s strength.

“Their passion comes through,” Ms Sinay said. “Why they endorse the product, you hear it from their mouth rather than from a shop assistant on the retail floor.

“There are celebrities or stars or designers these days that only want to showcase their products on home shopping.”

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