Monday, May 10, 2010

Liberty Media CEO Highest Paid in the Industry

Via LA Times

When an executive runs a company whose success depends on stars — whether they are richly rewarded TV news anchors or generously compensated movie idols — it is only fitting that the boss is paid, well, like a star.

Call it the Katie Couric Syndrome.

That's one take-away from a Los Angeles Times survey of compensation packages of media and entertainment company executives. While the nation's CEOs in general typically saw their earnings slip in 2009, the men — and they're all men — at the top of the conglomerates that operate the TV networks, movie studios, cable systems and other outposts of the media world continued to command pay packages on par with, and in some cases far higher than, A-list actors.

... At the very top of the survey was Greg Maffei, chief executive of Liberty Media, which includes the QVC shopping channel and the premium movie channel Stars. Maffei's package was valued $87.5 million, including $79 million in stock options that vest after four years. Because of a Securities and Exchange Commission rule change, companies must record the present value of the stock option awards during the year they were made.

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