Sunday, May 2, 2010

Antonella Nester Gets Back to Her Roots


Antonella Nester’s foray into stardom started with a videotape of herself selling a pencil.
She had a dream to work at TV home-shopping bastion QVC, which was holding auditions in 2000 for new hosts.

But Nester, a New Cumberland native, had no experience in sales. She had no experience in television. What the wife and mother of three had was a 17-year career in medical technology, an amateur videotape and a love for QVC.

She didn’t get the job the first time. Or the second time.

“I would always make the call-backs, but I’d never make the final cut because I didn’t have television experience, not even sales or business,” she says. “I was just a big, loyal shopper.”
Nester vowed that if she didn’t get the gig the third time she auditioned, she was done.

“The first two times, I was scared to death, because you walk in the room (and see) all the other people. They’re beautiful, and they were talented. (And I thought), ‘I don’t belong here,’” she says. “The third time, I shook all that off and I just said, ‘Come on, you love this, you want to do it — just go do it.’”

It worked. In 2004, she landed the job.

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